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Inspirierend echt.


The Villnöss

Winter holiday in the Villnöss Valley

Hiking, cross-country skiing, ski touring and snowshoeing.... Everything is possible in the small Dolomite valley of Villnöss. The beautiful area and a photo of the idyllic little church at the foot of the Dolomites is a must for every Instagrammer.


Filler - Villnöss 2
700 m
Skierlebnisberg Filler
350 m
Zauberteppich (200m)
200 m

Winter Hiking
in Villnöss

Snowshoe tour along the Adolf Munkel Trail

Very difficult open

2h 47min 7,07 km 765 m

Snowshoe hike Halsl

Medium open

3h 0min 9,66 km 468 m

Snowshoe Hiking Rasciesa

Difficult open

2h 29min 8,36 km 322 m

Snowshoe Hiking Col di Poma/Zendleser Kofel

Strenuous open

3h 13min 9,17 km 744 m

Snowshoe walking Gampen Alm

Medium open

1h 20min 2,96 km 392 m

Winter Hike: To Halsl pass via Munt

Very easy open

3h 28min 9,88 km 799 m

Winter Hike: From Ranui to hut Geisler Alm

Medium open

3h 30min 11,10 km 587 m

Winter Hike: From Zans to Gampenalm

Medium open

2h 19min 7,29 km 399 m

Winter hike Kaserillalm and Gampenalm

Medium open

2h 15min 6,97 km 406 m

Zans - Kirchwiesl - Kaserillalm

Easy open

1h 23min 4,33 km 252 m